Air quality

For additional air quality information, check out the Environmental Inventory.  Updated in 2012 by Celeste Adams.

Click here for links to the actual Good Neighbor Agreements signed with Ritrama and Rock-Tenn (near bottom of the page).

SECIA has led the way on citizen activism on air quality issues in the metro area for a number of years. This was recognized by the 2008 Governor's Award, which acknowledged our work with local industry to set up stakeholder dialogues and ultimately reach Good Neighbor Agreements.  Additionally, SECIA has been recognized in the media as a leader in air quality issues.

"Justin Eibenholzl was hired by the Southeast Como Improvement Association (SECIA) in April of 2001 as an environmental coordinator to address the number one concern of its residents: air pollution. Since then, he has gone so far beyond the original goals of the project that his position has become something completely different, according to James De Sota, neighborhood coordinator for SECIA."  What source is this article from? read more

Globe Tool signs Good Neighbor Agreement with neighborhoods!


Slideshow of Globe Tool GNA signing (Spring 2008)

Photos of the Globe Tool-Great Batch Good Neighbor Agreement signing (May 2008)

The agreement brokered by SECIA focuses on Globe implementing the improvements identified by the MnTAP intern that we helped set up last summer.  That intern identified ways for Globe to reduce up to 92% of their Trichloroethylene (mutagen/developmental toxicant) emissions (individually) or about 67% cumulatively if all steps were taken to reduce emissions.  This is substantial considering Globe emits between 25,000 and 30,000 lbs of this air toxic every year and that this facility has been one identified by SECIA for a long time to approach about reductions.  

Based on conversations with the facility, most of the recommendations have been followed and they are working on capital improvements to complete the rest.  This agreement is a win-win for both the industry (saving money/reducing liability) and the community (less air toxics from a point source).  

Globe has continued to honor the agreement by providing supplies to the Como Clean-up in Spring 2008, and attended our Green Village Kick-off in April 2008.  There was a story in the MN Daily last November about the reductions achieved from this effort.

Other news about Air Quality and SECIA's efforts