Community Gardening season opens in SE Como with a harvest at Como Corner!

posted Apr 7, 2009, 7:47 PM by Stephanie Hankerson

Hmmm a harvest on April 4th?  How about harvesting rocks?  Once again, there is road construction adjacent to Como Corner Community garden.  With  road construction comes large piles of dirt which happen to contain a lot of rocks, right along the boulevard.  So after moving a black hills spruce tree, we hunted for treasure, rock treasure.  This community garden was started in 1992, coincidentally using garden bed edgers collected from street construction remnants.  Sixteen years later, more edging material is in order, and what could be better than having them turn up in the street?

The official community gardening season is beginning this month. All garden dates are updated at the SECIA  calendar.  Upcoming dates for  April & early May: 
Let this be the year you become a Community Gardener.