Como Corner Commotion: Art, Music, & Food for Community Garden Day

posted Jul 30, 2013, 11:52 AM by FairShare Intern
Community Gardening Day is a very important time for both Como Corner and FairShare Farm Community Garden.  It is a day to recognize the contributions of community gardeners to the beautiful, green communities they create and the benefits associated with them.  It is also a way to spread awareness and for neighbors to get to know their community a little better.  Each year, the Twin Cities hosts Community Garden Day on the second Saturday of August.  Maps and a description for each of this year's participating gardens can be found through the Gardening Matters website. Attached at the bottom of this page is also a document that lists participating gardens and a short description of that particular garden's event.  The gardens hold a range of events from herb tastings to face painting to scavenger hunts to tours to bee keeping demonstrations to just about anything!

With that said, the Como Corner volunteers, members of the FairShare Community Garden and the Community Building Committee of the Southeast Como Improvement Association are proud to bring you:

The Como Corner Commotion! 
Art, music & food for Community Garden Day
Sat., August 10th 12-6 PM
22nd Avenue SE and Como Avenues

This is Como's first Art Fair/Concert and a celebration of our vibrant community green spaces and their Como gardeners. August 10 is Community Garden Day across the state which recognizes the contributions of community gardeners to the health, vitality and livability of their communities.

The Como Corner Commotion has spaces reserved for local vendors, artists and musicians. To apply to sell art, food and beverages, other crafts or play music, (click here to Apply Online - or to sign up to volunteer). A variety of garden demos and activities along with guided FairShare Farm tours. Bring your gardening questions!

We’re looking forward to an eventful day and hope you can join us.

Questions? Call SECIA at 612-676-1731 or email Ricardo at
FairShare Intern,
Jul 30, 2013, 11:52 AM