Last chance meeting about proposed sound walls in SE Como along 35W

posted Dec 9, 2011, 2:05 PM by Stephanie Hankerson   [ updated Dec 9, 2011, 2:58 PM ]
Due to MNDoT's notification rules neighborhood groups and residents may have not gotten notice about this last chance to input about proposed sound walls in SE Como along 35W.

IMPORTANT MEETING for the SE Como Neighborhood 

Wednesday Dec 14th at Logan Park
(690 13th Ave NE, near Broadway & Monroe) 5:30 – 7:30 pm

The time is now to comment about MN DOT’s plans to erect a 20’ sound barrier wall to

replace the current 5‘ freeway fence from Como Ave SE to Hennepin Ave SE  (see map below)

With the addition of an auxillary lane on 35W up to Johnson Street, the federal government environmental process requires the project to do a noise analysis to determine the increase level of noise associated with the project.  With the proposed 35W changes, the noise levels nearby do increase over what exists today. Sound reductions with the walls are expected to be 5 decibel reduction or greater.   MN DOT is using a new procedure to notify residents of the sound wall plan. In August there was notice and hosting of a I-35W/4th Street open house (Aug. 23) where SE neighbors attended and left with the impression that increased sound would be studied and that a cost benefit analysis would be done to determine if any sound walls were warranted. Then on November 16th a very small selection property owners who live closest to 35W received a postcard from MN DOT informing them of a “one-time" opportunity to express  opinion about a 20 foot high wall to replace the current 5 foot freeway fence.  The deadline for response was Dec. 1, and any postcards that were not returned to MN DOT were counted as a in support of the wall.

Some concerned SE residents are wondering how so few folks can decide this issue for the whole neighborhood.  In response, MNDoT scheduled a upcoming meeting Wed Dec 14th at Logan Park. If you got a meeting notice card, please send in your opinion. If you have an opinion please attend the meeting!

Some residents have thought much about this situations and they think that since our portion of 35W is so far below street level, a wall is unnecessary. Downsides to the wall are noted to be that they could be graffiti targets; they will cut off views and light; and in some places  create dark and less safe areas. 

Can’t make the meeting? Contact these folks soon:

Original notice drafted by the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association and adapted for SE Como.