Reduce, Reuse and FREECYCLE with the Como Eco-Exchange on April 18th!

posted Apr 4, 2009, 6:30 AM by Stephanie Hankerson

Reduce, Reuse and FREECYCLE with the Como Eco-Exchange!
hanpening at the Como Green Village Day on SATURDAY, APRIL 18
11:30 – 2:30 PM, VAN CLEVE PARK


Como Eco-Exchange guidelines

Bring us your old treasures. look for new!

  1. You can start dropping your stuff off at 11:30 AM, April 18th and start perusing other people’s stuff!
  2. Everything is free – free to bring your stuff in, free to take other peoples stuff out! think of us as the middle-men to donation (see blow)
  3. The entire Exchange will last until 2 PM so please do not drop anything off past this point.
  4. Everything that is not free-cycled will be donated.

What we hope for the Como Eco-Exchange is that within our small community we can inform and encourage reusability! We all have a lot of stuff. Now, getting rid of some of this stuff is a good thing – a thing we will probably do anyways, right? But if we can recycle it, reuse it within our own community then we can create stuff sovereignty for the Como neighborhood. You’ve got a lamp. I need a lamp. Don’t throw it out – bring it to the Como Eco-Exchange!

non-acceptable items to exchange
 hazardous materials, large furniture (mattresses), anything you cannot carry in by yourself, electronics

acceptable items to exchange
appliances (that work), kitchen supplies, books, records, cds, tapes, etc.
clothing, knick-knacks, artwork

For questions please e-mail or see our website at!