SECIA's spring-fall 2014 FairShare Farm Community Gardening Intern (Goldpass # 110674)

SECIA's spring-fall 2014 FairShare Farm Community Gardening Intern (Goldpass # 110674 )

Location: In and around the SE Como neighborhood: Mostly at SECIA's offices & at the FairShare Farm community garden on Fairmount Ave & 22nd Aves SE.

Description: SECIA neighborhood organization supports a number of award winning community gardens of all kinds; food production, rain garden and beautification gardens. SECIA is seeking a FairShare Farm Community Gardening Intern for a 7 month internship. This unpaid internship will have a important role in support of the FairShare Farm Community garden as one of 3 personnel/organizational supports for the garden.

The role of this intern is to:* (approximate)
  • Participate in as many community gardening dates as possible, typically weekly, (about 60 hours)
  • Market community gardens and Como's garden tool lending to other students and neighbors (updating websites and calendars, potentially fliering, canvassing or event tabling), (about 10 hours)
  • Support outreach events such as a BU Day/Earth week event, Community Garden Day /Como Corner Commotion and the Como Cookout. (about 30 hours)
  • Help get the garden administrative tasks going for the season- make a roster, help the group establish its garden dates and communications for the season (update email group, Facebook and create calling tree), get the garden log assembled, facilitate donations to Southeast Seniors Block Nurse program, or Little Kitchen Food Shelf. (about 10 hours)
  • Assist SECIA and FairShare Farm support the NE/SE Local Foods Resource Hub (5 hours).
  • Other tasks as determined, including working some with the neighborhood's other community gardens and committees (about 15 hours).

Interns will take home new knowledge on how to grow-your-own, cook and preserve produce across a whole gardening season. We will waive the garden membership fee for this intern, and the selected candidate will get produce from the garden on a weekly basis during production. Further, the selected candidate will get to take part in community celebrations and skillshare sessions to be held in the garden. Intern will gain project leadership experience and enhance organization and communication skills. The selected candidate will also gain and understanding of the benefits and challenges of working for a small non-profit. Many past SECIA interns stay connected to SECIA after their terms and others earn letters of recommendation. SECIA is always supportive of student's efforts to apply for grants or sponsorship to help pay for their time.

Position Schedule: This is a summer+PLUS internship as it covers the whole growing season from mid-March to end of October; with the understanding that some weeks will have less activity than others and pre-arranging weeks off is not usually a problem. Early in the season, Interns will have computer related tasks organizing the garden and will attend meetings. Interns will also attend SECIA Environment Committee meetings on the evening of the 4th Tuesday of most months.These days will fall mostly on Tuesday, so some availability on that day is preferred. Once weather allows, we will start workdays at the community garden. Garden dates will occur three regular times every week during the summer and will include a mix of day, evening, and weekend times. This garden intern will choose at least 1 of those weekly times for their regular attendance.

Requirements: Candidates with some vegetable gardening knowledge are preferred, but expert status in not required. Also preferred are candidates comfortable with using tools, working in various types of weather and doing physical labor such as digging, planting seeds, and hauling. The position requires creative thinking, ability to write and utilize Internet tools, and working independently. We expect interns to be reliable, responsive, and have an enthusiasm to acquire new skills. We are impressed with candidates that are already familiar with local organizations and local resources related to community gardening, urban farming, and produce gardening, but this is not required. We also look for interns who live in the SE neighborhoods of Como & Marcy Holmes. A close proximity to the garden is needed to reduce barriers to caring for crops or participating in garden events.
Application Instructions: please fill out SECIA's intern application:, and send a resume to Stephanie Hankerson, A short interview will be arranged with SECIA staff.