SECIA is 1 of 5 MPCA Environmental Assistance grantees in 2009

posted Jul 13, 2009, 5:37 PM by Stephanie Hankerson
The Southeast Como Improvement Association is proud to announce that it is the recipient of a MPCA Environmental Assistance Grant for 2009.   SECIA's project intends to study move-in/move-out waste, and then pilot waste reduction events that will be designed to reduce the trash burden on the SE Como neighborhood. SECIA's intention is to facilitate reuse of materials to reduce waste.  Look for more activity on this project in the Fall of 2009.

The official press release follows:

SOURCE: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (St. Paul, MN)
DATE: 07−06−2009
HEADLINE: MPCA Awards $175,769 in Environmental Grants

MPCA Awards $175,769 in Environmental Grants FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/06/2009
Contact: Pam McCurdy, 651−757−2559

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has awarded $175,769 in 2009 Environmental Assistance Grants to five grantees. The grants will help the organizations move toward more environmentally−sustainable practices.
  • The Urban Land Institute was awarded $30,000 for its Regional Council of Mayors Sustainability Initiative. A pilot project will incorporate ideas to promote energy efficiency, energy education, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in five cities that represent a variety of population, regional characteristics, and economic wealth.
  • Rahm Tek of Truman, in Martin County, was awarded $40,000 to demonstrate technologies that can produce an odorless hog barn using alternative energy sources and a water reclamation system to help manage waste. The project is expected to reduce liquid waste by at least 95 percent and to recycle 75 percent of solid waste into pellet fuel and fertilizer.
  • The Center for Energy and Environment of Minneapolis was awarded $40,000 to implement a second phase of the GreenStep Cities initiative. The project will develop an online users' guide for participating cities, perform analysis to determine the climate change impact of best practices, and undertake an evaluation of themost significant GreenStep Cities best practices.
  • The city of Silver Bay was awarded $40,000 to study and evaluate the environmental benefits and economic feasibility of different forms of renewable energy for the Silver Bay Eco−Industrial Business Park.
  • The Southeast Como Improvement Association of Minneapolis was awarded $25,769 for its Solid Waste Reduction and Reuse Project. The project is aimed at reducing the volume of large, solid items in the waste stream by diverting them into a community−wide reuse and recycling program. The project includes outreach to University of Minnesota student tenants.
The MPCA has been awarding Environmental Assistance Grants for 13 years to local governments,  businesses and organizations. Grants are given each year for projects that focus on pollution prevention, recycling market development, waste and environmental education, sustainable community development, and/or resource recovery.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 520 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, MN 55155−4194