SECIA Safety Committee Promoting "Project Porchlight": Leave Your Front Porch Light on Overnight

posted Mar 4, 2010, 2:43 PM by Stephanie Hankerson
It is fairly common knowledge that well-lit streets help to deter crime and discourage vandalism. Como neighborhood has streetlights but they are widely spaced and somewhat dim. In summer when the trees have leafed out, our sidewalks become even dimmer. Moreover, if the City cannot repair the metal pole streetlights they are not replacing them.

There is a solution to this problem, one that is simple and doesn't rely on the city to solve. It is a solution that we, the residents of Como, can do for ourselves. It is this: leave your front porch light on from dark until morning. Whether you have an outside light or one in your front entry, it will cast light on your front yard and your portion of the sidewalk. Not only will this help to keep our streets safe, but having a street with all the houses lit is a very friendly and welcoming sight. This too is important as we are trying to attract homeowners to our neighborhood.

A 100 watt CFL (Compact Fluorescent light) left on throughout the night, every night, costs less than $2/month to run, and will last 3-4 YEARS before it needs changing.

The SECIA Safety Committee has voted to support and promote this idea under the name of “Project Porchlight”. In coming months they will be distributing information in various ways to encourage participation by as many Como residents as possible. Meanwhile, 'keep the home lights burning.'