Talmage Crossing and other garden news

posted Jun 15, 2010, 10:24 AM by Unknown user
May 23rd was Planting Day for TALMAGE CROSSING GARDEN. We set up orange cones and about 15 volunteers donned safety vests to plant the medians.  Several other neighbors donated Stella D'Orp daylilies and Autumn Joy Sedum, besides the other salt-resistant hardy perennials that we purchased with the Linders gift card we obtained though Council Members Cam Gordon and Paul Ostrow last year. That week and the next were brutally hot, and a lot of people were inspired to water. We reminded them, to always wear a safety vest, and use orange cones, and follow the garden's rules for working on the medians. Others were invited to add water to the treegators or clover patch.  The following week some shredded hardwood mulch was added around the plants to prevent weeds and water evaporation. Then Nature has sent us lots of rain, so there has been no need to water. This is a low maintenance garden.  It may take some care for a couple of years while getting established and then require very little work. 
The Marcus Sage is now a beautiful blue and the cheery Stella D'Oros are starting to bloom. The walkers, joggers, bikers, skaeboarders and neighbors driving by all love it. If you have time, you should swing by and see how lovely it is.
Thank You,
Lila M Smith
Talmage Crossing Garden

This week we also have a garden night at the Gateway Garden.  The night is Wednesday the 16th at 6:30pm.  We will be planting and discussing a new garden sign.