Thank you to all who made TALMAGE RAIN GARDEN possible.

posted Dec 10, 2013, 12:33 PM by Stephanie Hankerson
The Talmage Rain Garden has come together and met some of it’s goals: erosion and runoff into the storm sewers has been stopped in the area above the rain garden, the garden is clearly defined by boulders and a fence, the berm prevents overflow, collecting rain for Native plants and there are greening plants beneath the snow. Beyond the improvement to our environment, our community has come together to make this a nicer place to live and walk.

So many people of all ages stop to thank gardeners; guys in trucks, people with babies in strollers, joggers, walkers, skateboarders, bikers, dog walkers. We look forward to a greener Talmage in the spring, improved ecology at the site and a community asset. With time and TLC the native plants will mature and thrive. Come May, the garden can expand the planting into other areas of the Talmage Triangle, eventually creating a low maintenance Native Rain Garden and planned Native low Meadow. Enjoy the beauty that you have helped create.

  • Many, many, kudos go to Lila & Karl Smith, for their vision, persistence, drive and determination.
  • Thanks to the SECIA board, particularly Tedd Johnson, who surveyed, marked, and advised Bill Dane, who negotiated the lease contract
  • Thanks the Good Neighbor Fund for providing a fence, many plants and materials to build the rain garden.
  • Paul Chellsen at the City, Metro Blooms, and Gardening Matters for advice, ideas and insights on how to make this happen.
  • Thanks to Ramy Selim for regrading the triangle slope and placing 30 boulders with a Dingo & Andy Haberman’s extra attention on this day and on the planting.
  • Thanks to SECIA’s Ricardo McCurley and Stephanie Hankerson who helped with logistics, fiscal admin, communications, connections, tools and the help needed.
  • Thanks to Amy Mcbeth, Julie Heyen, BNSF for offering us a chance to make our garden dreams come true.
  • Thanks to those who donated plants: Hamline Thomas Community Garden, Hannah Texler, Stephanie Hankerson, Peggy Booth, Paul Toftness, Suzanne Maeder, Kathy Knudson, & Como Corner Community Garden.
  • Barb & Harold White, Emilie Quast, Lila & Karl Smith Kristy Golvbievolski and husband, Paul David Vavreck, Ian Wallace, Brian Walli, Brandon Folkes, Peter Sutton, Lucas Geissler, Kevin Pabst, Sharah Traffas, Marlene Cox, Jordan Briggs, Dan Kokkilu, Jim & Carol Drake, Tron Bonkowske,, Carol Ruchs, Troy, Aaron, Carol Ruchs, Jeff & Helen Haberer, Fen Chen, Alice, Kelly O’Brian, Anne Miller, John Thisen, Rachel G, Holly Lamment, Joe Lund, and others.Thank-U volunteers from the U of MN Homecoming Service Group, led by Reed Mosimanny, Brian J., Paul R. and Keaton B.
  • 4 young women from Northwestern University who read about us on-line and showed up to work
  • The young man returning from a Gopher’s football game who put in some hard work
  • the young man who helped me right a displaced boulder
  • the skateboarder who stopped to help me weed for awhile