The Minnesota "Trade-in & Save" Appliance Program from Office of Energy Security

posted Feb 25, 2010, 10:07 AM by Stephanie Hankerson

The Minnesota Office of Energy Security (OES) says...earn a rebate for replacing your energy hog

The “Trade-in & Save” Appliance Program will offer Minnesota residents a rebate for replacing their old appliance with an ENERGY STAR model. Nearly $5 million in rebates will be offered beginning March 1.

The Minnesota Office of Energy Security (OES) encourages residents to start planning their purchase and use this rebate to “trade up” to the most energy and water efficient appliance that fits their budget. ENERGY STAR appliances can save $75 a year in energy costs, while benefiting the environment as well. Learn more about the benefits of qualified ENERGY STAR appliances.

Purchases can be made at any retailer located in Minnesota. Rebates are not retroactive. The “Trade-in & Save” rebates are limited. Rebate reservations begin March 1, 2010, 8am CST on this site, or by calling 877-230-9119 (RESERVATION FORM/PHONE not available until March 1).

Eligible Appliances and Rebate Amounts
Appliance Rebate Qualified ENERGY STAR Models Savings Calculator & ENERGY STAR Buyers Guide
Clothes washers $200 View Models View Info
Dishwashers $150 View Models View Info
Refrigerators (must be at least
7.75 cubic ft and priced over $300)
$100 or $200* View Models View Info
Freezers $50 or $100* View Models View Info
* with “proof of demanufacturing” of old unit (see resident’s guide)

Additional energy saving tips and rebates, including information on bounty programs that pay you for removing a working refrigerator or freezer stored in your basement or garage, can be found by contacting your utility (some listed here) or by visiting the OES website at The following recyclers may be useful to the residents who cannot recycle through your utility, retailer or county solid waste site.

The Office of Energy Security would like to thank the following Official Partner organizations that have offered in-kind support to ensure that OES meets the administrative funding match requirements for this program: Sears Holdings Corporation, Best Buy, Warners' Stellian, Great River Energy (GRE), Whirlpool Corporation, BSH Home Appliances Corporation (Bosch), and Minnesota Power.