Walkability Study needs SE participants during May 6-28th

posted May 11, 2012, 8:13 AM by Stephanie Hankerson
Don’t delay.  Register today to do the survey – http://dcc-stpaul-mpls.org/special-projects/walk .
Help gather on-the-ground, neighborhood-based information about walking conditions on routes to Central Corridor light rail stations.

Opening day, May 6th was a great success.  Despite the threat of thunderstorms, folks turned out to walk to and from 14 of the future LRT stations, talking to one another, taking notes and shooting pictures on routes to stations all along the line.  Those who attended the reception afterwards at the Central Corridor Resource Center were also able to share some of the highlights from their walks. Almost everyone who participated in the May 6th walks stressed the importance of getting lots of people to do the Walkability Survey.  One comment sums it up: “The walk was an eye-opener.

Many more walkers to complete the survey in the next three weeks to reach our goal of 1,500 surveys – 15 stations, 100 surveys each!

Go to the DCC website and register to do the survey any time between May 6th and May 28th.  You can choose any station and complete the survey on your own.  Or invite a friend to walk with you.  We’ll also be setting up hosted group walks throughout the 3-week survey period; you can find the schedule and meeting places on our website. Finally, please help us spread the word about the Walkability Survey.

Survey mailing address is:
Central Corridor Resource Center
1080 University Avenue W.
St. Paul, MN 55104