Yards to Gardens: a website designed to connect eager gardeners with available space and visa-versa

posted Mar 20, 2010, 8:34 AM by Stephanie Hankerson
Here is some updates from Yards to Gardens.  Have not heard of y2g?  The purpose of Yards to Gardens is to help create gardens by connecting people who are looking for gardening space with people who have available space, and to provide a place for exchange of gardening tools and resources. It works due to the postings submitted by all of us. Find them online at www.y2g.org, this is a Twin Cities initiated movement. Here is the new from y2g:

Well, we're excited to announce that we've expanded the site.  We've added new listing categories so that you can post or find just about anything gardening related.  Got any extra compost or mulch?  How about extra seeds or seedlings?  Or maybe you're cleaning out the garage and you find some old gloves and a trowel.  Find a happy home for your extras by posting them on www.Y2G.org.

ALERT!!  MORE YARDS NEEDED!  As you probably know, the demand for community garden plots is outstripping the supply in many areas of the Metro.  This means there are many, many eager gardeners who don't have space to garden.   So spread the word to yard owners everywhere: lawns are for sheep! (no, really, lawns were originally for grazing animals).  Post your lawn on Yards to Gardens today!


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