Zero-Waste Events? SECIA Board shows how easy they can be

posted Jan 12, 2010, 1:13 PM by Stephanie Hankerson
The SECIA Board held a New Year Potluck during its January board meeting for the year.  New board members and other community members came together of a meal of good food, and conversation.  A side bonus to the event was that it was a  zero-waste dinner, which fits right in to SECIA's waste reduction projects.
Board member, Jeff Haberer, commented, "Usually such events turn out to be big wastes of trash. Personally, I prefer eating off China and with stainless than plastic and paper."

 Here are the elements we used to make this a zero-waste: 
  • A volunteer helped us wash-up the dishes we used from Van Cleve Park's ample set,
  • Reduced waste by using  cloth tablecloths instead of paper or plastic,
  • Recycled the cans, plastic and paper packaging ,
  • Composted paper napkins and food waste
Holding a zero or low waste event was relatively easy.  Planning for dish washing and locations for the compost  were the larger needs. For more ideas on this topic, see this pdf brochure from Hennepin County.