Waste Transfer Stations already on the East Side

The Como neighborhood already has a disproportionate amount of waste transfer stations and recyclers.  We have five of them which serve the metro area.  Waste transfer stations bring garbage, yard waste, and recyclable material into the neighborhood via heavy trucks (diesel) and provide few jobs for the negative impacts on the community.  It seems that since these facilities are designed to serve the entire area that they should be located strategically throughout the area, and not all in/adjacent to one residential neighborhood.

  the circles in red (black W) represent waste transfer stations in and around Como

·  Aspen Waste Systems, 2951 Weeks Ave SE (Como)

o     Residential & commercial services

·  Eureka Recycling, 2828 Kennedy St NE (Mid-City)

o     Holds a 10-year contract with the City of St. Paul

o     Processes up to 60,000 tons of residential recycling materials annually

·  U of M Recycling Program, 3009 Como Avenue S.E. (Como) & U of M Reuse Warehouse, 883 29th Ave SE (Como)

·  Veit - Como Recycling & Transfer Facility, 1025 33rd Ave SE (Como)

o     Transfer station for sorting and recycling

o     Open to the public

·  Waste Management Recycle America, 1800 Broadway St NE (Mid-City)