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2013 Environmental Sustainability Intern:

Erik Lundborg
Urban Studies Major, Economics Minor

Hello there. My name is Erik Lundborg and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Minnesota. I am an Urban Studies major, and am a recent transplant from the Chicago area. My hobbies include music (I’m in the Pride of MN marching band), politics, theatre, and exploring the Cities. I am excited for the chance to work with SECIA helping plan spring events, aiding in environmental work, and in general having a blast! 

2012 Environmental Sustainability Intern:

Celeste Adams
Urban Studies Major, Sustainability Studies Minor
Hi, my name is Celeste Adams. I'm a senior at the University of Minnesota finishing up my last semester. I've lived in Minneapolis all my life and I'm excited to have the chance to work with such an awesome neighborhood group. I will be working with SECIA this fall and helping with their environmental inventory.

2011 Green Village Interns:

Sally Atkins 
Environmental Science, Policy & Management major

Hi there!  My name is Sally Atkins and I am currently a student at the University of Minnesota studying Environmental Science, Policy, and Management.  I moved to the Southeast Como neighborhood last fall, and came on as the Spring/Summer Green Village Intern in March.  I've been busy so far helping out with the big office move and planning Earth Month activities. Now I'm focusing on helping organize the Spring & Fall MIMO events!  So far it's been a blast working with SECIA and the Green Village!  When I'm not too busy with school, work, or SECIA, I enjoy traveling, volunteering, exploring, and rock n roll.

Adam Haydon
Architecture and Urban Studies major

Hey everybody. My name is Adam Haydon. I am going to be a senior this fall at the U of M studying Architecture and Urban Studies. I am originally from Plymouth, Michigan, but love living in Minneapolis. I was hired to be SECIA's Green Village Intern in March to be their intern for the summer. In my spare time, I like to play pick-up sports, travel, and spend time at the lake.

2016 Community Garden Interns:
    - Hanna Hudepohl 
   - Yuyan Wang

2011 Como Corner Community Garden Intern:    
    Michelle Evers
Horticulture major

2011 FairShare Farm Intern:    
    Liz Tucker, Geography major

2011 Garden & Housing Intern:    
    Mary Pattison,  Housing Studies & Conservation Biology majors

2010 - 2011 GrowBarrel Intern: 

Jennifer Nicklay

Jennifer will be with SECIA for the entire 2010-2011 academic year, as well as summer 2011. She is a CESP volunteer, a former HECUA (agriculture and the environment, summer 2010) student.  She has volunteered for SECIA in the past year as a service learner and otherwise, and hopes to have Spring term officially count as her academic internship for CESP. She is also researching whether it could count as her thesis as well. 

She has been selected as a Will Steger Climate Champion in 2010. Her time at SECIA will be focused on the McKnight GrowBarrel project and other gardening items.

2010 HECUA Intern:  
Liz Just
Environmental Science and Policy Management major

Hello Southeast Como Neighborhood.  My name is Liz Just and I will be interning with SECIA this fall.  I just wanted to introduce myself to the neighborhood.  I currently am living in the Como Neighborhood and have been for the past year.  I chose SECIA for my internship so I could become more involved in the neighborhood and learn what it is like working for a small non-profit group.  

A little bit about myself.  I was born and raised in Middleton, WI a town just outside of Madison.  I decided to come to the University of Minnesota to pursue a degree in Environmental Science and Policy Management (ESPM).  I am currently a junior and stayed with the ESPM major and added on two other minors, Communications and Environmental Sustainability.  Within my major I have chosen to focus on the education and communication aspect of ESPM.  

Outside of school I am actively involved in the Womens Ultimate Frisbee Club Team at the University.  I also enjoy almost all outdoor activities especially camping, canoeing, backpacking and downhill skiing.  The picture of me is from my latest adventure canoeing in the Quetico for 6 days.  I hope to see many of you around the neighborhood this year!   

2010 Community Garden Intern:    

Jake Henke
Urban Studies major

2009 HECUA Intern:
Alison Henderson
Journalism and Sustainability majors 

Currently a second year student at the U, I intend to major in Journalism and Sustainability. I was introduced to SECIA through the HECUA Environmental Sustainability program. I'm having a great time with the SECIA staff and Como residents. This semester I'm working on the MIMO Project. When I'm not saving the world from pollution and piles of waste, I volunteer with Colleges Against Cancer (I also might be sleeping). I live in the Como neighborhood and hope to find a good garden this summer!

2008 HECUA Intern:
Jenna Sandoe

Environmental Studies/Political Science major


Hello! My name is Jenna Sandoe and I am a third year student at the University of MN, Morris.  I am here in the cities for the semester doing HECUA’s environmental sustainability program.  Through that program we are given the opportunity to do an internship and I will be working with you, the Southeast Como neighborhood, as an intern.  Last year on the Morris campus I was a Resident Advisor and also the environmental task force leader of Morris’ MPIRG chapter and so I have some leadership experience.  I am very passionate about what I am doing and I also enjoy riding my bicycle and knitting.  

In the future I plan on working for the Peace Corps and hopefully will either work for an environmental nonprofit organization or work with policy. I am really excited to be working with you and the Green Village project!  Stop on by and come and meet me in the SECIA office.

Abbreviation key

* CESP stands for Community Engagement Scholars Program

* HECUA stands for Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs

* MIMO stands for Move-in/Move-out (neighborhood free store)

* MPIRG stands for Minnesota Public Interest Research Group

* SECIA stands for Southeast Como Improvement Association

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