Seeking to assess and propose roof-top energy solutions to local industry 
Assessing businesses along Kasota Ave, Rollins Ave, MN 280, Como Ave, and Hennepin Ave

Partners of involvement
-City council members: Cam Gordon and Kevin Reich
-Richard Venberg, green architect and c
ommunity resident
-Tim Pendergast, NABCEP-certified solar designer, installer, site assessor
-Ken Bradly, MN Community Solar
-Angie Durhman, AD Green Roof LLC
-Lucas Alm, MN Green Roof Council
-Emma Volbrecht, student intern

-use currently wasted space to connect neighbors and companies
-increase sustainable energy options
-support pollinator populations-reduce storm water runoff

How goals will be accomplished:
-Analysis of total square footage of unused flat roofs
-Evaluate which roofs would be viable for use
-Determine proper point of contact
-For those willing to participate, an on-site meeting and site assessment will be held
-Assemble data of each roof studied to assess which potential technologies are appropriate for that site
-Hold second meeting with sites to provide specific data and recommendations

Desired results:
-help make energy and watershed improvements that will benefit us all
-decrease our dependency on gas, coal, and nuclear developed electrical power
-reduce carbon emissions that impact climate change
-Metro gardening that provides local vegetables for local people
-Rooftop beehives place metro bees in a safe places where they are able to provide pollination without being endangered or endangering animals or people
-Provide sustainable method to properly filter and control storm water before it reaches groundwater supply and the Mississippi River
-Beautify our neighborhood


-The Clean Energy Resource Team Seed grant
-Green Infrastructure Technical Assistance
-Great Plains Institute for Sustainable Development, Inc. 

Information meetings will be held to introduce resources, technologies, and benefits for industrial partners and the SE Como community.