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Household Hazardous Waste:
The City is responsible for garbage pick-up and Hennepin County deals with the household hazardous waste

  • City of Minneapolis Solid Waste/Recycling: 
    • Click here to find out what to leave curbside and when to leave it there, call 612-673-2917 or call 311 to find out your pick-up times.

Local recycle, reuse and freecycle groups:

  • Free Market Yahoo Group- The SE Como neighborhood and SECIA, are encouraging reusability as a avenue to waste reduction. On Green Village Day last week, we held our first ever Eco-exchange where participants brought items to give-away, found new items to take home or any combination of these.  The Eco-exchange is in the spirit of the neighborhood's garage sale day from year's past.
    For the past few years, there has been a FreeMarket Yahoo group, which has the same goal-to reduce the amount of stuff we throw in the garbage by finding someone who needs it. We all have a lot of stuff. Now, getting rid of some of this stuff is a good thing – an action we will probably do anyways, right? But if we can recycle it, reuse it within our own community then we can create stuff sovereignty for the Como neighborhood. You’ve got a lamp. I need a lamp. Don’t throw it out – post it on the  Como FreeMarket!
  • Minneapolis craigslist
  • Hennepin County Freecycle

Waste reduction: