What is the "Como Green Village"?

The Green Village is an umbrella concept that SECIA is promoting in the urban island of Southeast Como in Minneapolis (an industrial, railroad, and highway-locked neighborhood). It is based on core principles related to sustainability. While there are many definitions of sustainability, they all involve providing a balance between the environment, economics, and social justice. When all three are working together in harmony those activities become 'sustainable' and can then be carried forward into the future indefinitely.

Since SECIA's inception, environmental initiatives have always been a priority allowing us to undertake activities such as: tree planting, air quality program, opening new community gardens, organic lawn care, clothesline giveaways, building rain barrels, and our Solar Pilot Project are all past examples of the novel efforts of our eco-programs.

We have actively provided home loans and grants (via the Neighborhood Revitalization Program - NRP) to both residences and businesses in order to maintain better and safer buildings. We have also worked to involve the various populations in the community as part of the organization and at the numerous events hosted in order to build a stronger community.

The Green Village brings these activities to a wider and broader scale. SECIA is attempting to align its unique and creative green community activities several key categories. The ‘community' includes the complex natural ecosystem we inhabit as well as the built environment.
  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Transportation
  • Stormwater Management
  • Local Foods
  • Air Toxics
  • Waste Reduction
As the organization matures along with the Como neighborhood it becomes clear that all the community initiatives are interconnected. Meaning that Housing, Safety, Livability, Transportation, the Environment and even the neighborhood History all are related and to ignore one area of focus affects the group as a whole. Even though we have had some great successes in local civic and environmental victories, which benefit not only the neighborhood but the region as well, there is still much to be done to achieve sustainability on a local level.

Throughout the next year we will be asking for your participation in projects that forward the Como Green Village concept; we want and need your feedback and engagement to be successful. Sometimes it will be simple. like attending a meeting or supporting a cause, and other times it may be more complex and involve some direct form of action. Either way, you're welcome to join us in discussions at our environment committee the fourth Tuesday of every month.

The current board president submitted an editorial to Natural Home magazine in December 2006 which does a great job of summarizing the past while looking to the future embracing the Como Green Village concept. Click here to read this letter.

Justin, James, Stephanie & Jennifer