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Project Plans

:: Solar installations on public buildings
:: Encouraging local use and installation of renewable energy systems
:: Encouraging participation in Xcel Energy's Windsource program (see article in the Minnesota Daily 2/07/08)
:: Design assistance for raingardens/stormwater control for businesses and neighbors
:: Promoting carsharing, rideboards, and the reduction of vehicle trips
:: Piloting a bicycle trailer rental program and bicycle auction
:: Bulk purchasing of solar motion lights for neighbors
:: Working with industry and institutions to "green-up" their fleets with flex fuel & hybrid vehicles
:: Investigate doing a "refrigerator exchange" (eliminating older and wasteful appliances)
:: Creating a furniture exchange and reuse program during student move-in/move-out
:: Looking into ways to green-up Como's housing and promote sustainable methods
:: Other projects that promote environmental, economic, and neighborhood stewardship
This is a concept that will take several years to develop and several more to implement.  We are thankful to The McKnight Foundation for their help providing initial seed money for this project and hope that you will work with us to turn our past successes into future success and additional funding so we can carry out this ambitious project.  Strong neighborhoods and bonds can be formed around many different concepts.  It is the hope of the organization that working towards sustainability can be a uniting factor for Como neighbors and that the Como Green Village work can be used as a gauge to determine if outside projects affecting Como work to the benefit or detriment of the shared neighborhood goals.