You can buy wind power in the Como neighborhood!

Sign up by calling Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999 and ask to sign up for their "Windsource" program.  You can purchase wind power in increments of 100 kilowatt hours or you can ask that 100% of your power come from wind.  The cost is nominal and provides for new wind turbines to be installed in the State of Minnesota to meet their customers requests along with being the environmentally responsible thing to do.

Anyone can sign up including residences, businesses, homeowners and renters.  You'll actually get a fuel credit also on your bill since windpower requires zero fuel paying for almost half the premium they charge.

Example:  I own a small house in Minneapolis and the costs to me is about $2.10 a month (cheaper than a latte) for 100% of my power from wind, and I get the benefit of knowing my power is coming from a renewable energy source that has zero carbon emissions and zero pollution.

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There are links to an online and a mail-in Windsource sign-up form available on this web page.

In addition to purchasing renewable energy, it's also important to reduce the amount of energy you use as much as possible.  Here are 13 tips to be more energy efficient in your household.

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