Waste Reduction Resources

Both Como and the city of Minneapolis offer a variety waste reduction services to residents!


The city of Minneapolis offer single-sort recycling. Things that CAN be recycled include: milk cartons, juice boxes, brother container, aluminum cans, pie pans, paper products, glass containers and plastic containers. Batteries can be recycled through the city of Minneapolis. Batteries must be placed on the the top of the recycling bin  in a plastic with the positive terminal (+) taped. 

Things that cannot be recycled include: mirror glass, drinking glasses, plastic bags, styrofoam, and car batteries.  

For more informational about what can and cannot be recycled in Minneapolis, click here

Plastic Bags 

While the City of Minneapolis does not recycle plastic bags, many grocery stores including Cub, Target and Whole Foods do recycling plastic bags. Containers are available by where shopping carts are located.
They typically look like this:


The City of Minneapolis now offers organics recycling at no additional cost! Organics include egg shells, fruits, vegetables, soiled paper, bread or bones. To sign up to get your own organics recycling bin for you house, click here. Unfortunately, many apartment complexes do not have compost set up. For residents that do not have access to a personal organics recycling bin, Van Cleve Park offers organics recycling bins. The combination for the bins is 2-0-1-4.

Unsure of how to dispose of something?

Rethink Recycling has a great guide on how to dispose of anything you may need to dispose pf